Business man killed During business gang conflict in south africa


A promising Nigerian business man has met his untimely end just a day after another Nigerian was killed in South Africa.

Alleged photo of the victim (Credit:National Helm)

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The gang war going on between Nigerians in South Africa, has claimed another life after a businessman was gunned down on Sunday, August 26th (yesterday) along Esselen Street, Sunnyside in Pretoria area, South Africa.

According to National Helm, the victim was shot in the attack but was rushed to the hospital for treatment as South African police officers stormed the area after the shooting. He died at the hospital.

This is coming a day after a Nigerian man identified as Williams a.k.a Willie, was killed by unknown gunmen. Willie was murdered on Saturday, August 25th, by fellow Nigerians following the war going on between Nigerians in the country.

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